UteruS Is…

Mary L. Holden
1 min readJun 25, 2022

…a part of all of US.

An early manuscript of the Lancelot-Grail (c. 1220).*

There is a cup
that’s upside down
in female gut —
a holy noun.

It only spills
its stuff of life
when host to none
or under knife.

This chalice holds
great mystery
for women, men
and misery.

Do not despair
the courtly fail
for UteruS
is Holy Grail.

NOTE: Searching for truth and comfort in rhyme. Not really finding it. The point is that my generation did not allow ourselves the right to abort a fetus or choose a pregnancy and then pull up the ladder so that we could let the kids we did not abort give us grandchildren. May yesterday’s ruling by the Supreme Court’s injustices be the last gasp of OWG Rule, and may separation of church and state be as separate as the anger that divides me from these “rulers” who abuse power.

*Public domain. https://www.lancelot-project.pitt.edu/LG-web/Arthur-LG-MSS-pics/Rennes255/Rennes255



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