Tongue Twistronics

Twist Two Things Type
Take Thick Tunnel
Turn Together

Tease Tape Three Tens
Techniques Tripling
Time Trains Tools Trial

Totally Tried
Third Tendency
Told Try To Test

Theorists Tightly
Talk Together
Typically Tweak
Target Treatment

NOTE: In the next decade, 2020–2030, the word is not “plastics.” It is “graphene.” There are some scientists who are having a great deal of fun and competition with this amazing material.

The ‘poem’ above was created from words taken from a report about graphene, written by David H. Freedman and published over a year ago in Quanta magazine: “With a Simple Twist, a ‘Magic’ Material Is Now the Big Thing in Physics: The stunning emergence of a new type of superconductivity with the mere twist of a carbon sheet has left physicists giddy, and its discoverer nearly overwhelmed.” (April 29, 2019).

I read on the internet from Pocket and extracted some of the words beginning with the letter T in order to craft the poem — to honor graphene. Here are some of the words from the article that didn’t make the cut:


And Thanks to Pablo Jarillo Herrero, Ph.D., the Cecil and Ida Green Professor of Physics at MIT.



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