Thirteen “What if…?”s

…and one “Suppose…?”

What if this Image by John Hain from Pixabay was not for free use by people like me?

What if…everyone alive on the Earth donated their coin of lowest value to Save the Children?

What if…I scrape my content from, print it on recyclable paper, and bury it?

What if…all media stopped giving airtime to the immediate former president of the U.S.?

What if…because you read this today something lucky happened to you tomorrow?

What if…Larry David was the reincarnation of Benjamin Franklin?

What if…it could be a zombie antithesis instead of an apocalypse?

What if…your own pollution arose and slapped you in the face?

What if…you act unconditionally and don’t tell anyone?

What if…elephants had their own system of astrology?

What if…all rivers flowed in spiral formations?

What if…butter and cheese were health foods?

What if…shadows were tangible?

What if…sneezes were musical?

And now, what if you listened to some music from 1970:

“Suppose They Gave a War and (and Nobody Came)?”

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