The Patriot

Mary L. Holden
3 min readJul 22, 2022

…and the word….

Word document and photo by the author. Feel free to use it…if you want to do so.

A wounded soul.
Mad toddler’s rants.
Media blitz.

“I’ll have my way.”

Up sleeve? ACEs!
The highest score.
Ten for-t-five
…still leads the corps.

That patriot:
one iota!
Word and meaning
…in sum, quota.


Having learned about the ACE Study in 2010, I made a commitment to myself to be a rest-of-my-life-long proponent of its usefulness to humanity. In love with poetry (and letters and symbols and sounds) for what feels like centuries, I continue to believe in the part of it that acts like a lever, a tool, an atom that splits into meaning once it is read.

Like so many of my fellow Americans, I’ve watched the media host the unfolding of Donald J. Trump. Democracy and justice breathe the oxygen created by media and exhale the metaphor of carbon dioxide back into the masses for processing.

Media. Hedia. Youdia. Wedia. Usdia. USdia.

My goal for this four-by-four poem was to sum up my belief that Donald J. Trump — the human being — was enabled to obtain leadership on a track of two rails: the advantage of money and the accumulation of Adverse Childhood Experiences.

Donald J. Trump is, was, and always will be a leader. He led the people of the United States into was an awareness of the lack of awareness of the ACE Study. People who suffered trauma during their childhoods have a place in their brains that allows recognition of other sufferers. The “patriots” who felt a call to riot at Donald J. Trump’s call, felt into their own places of pain. It is what made them rally behind a person who proclaimed a false power in hopes of achieving a result that could feel like healing.

On this stump of poetry, I offer three calls to action:

1. Donald J. Trump must be seen as a fallen leader, especially by Americans who’ve become aware of their own ACE score. The best “sentencing” that could be given to Donald J. Trump is for him to access enough healing to give a thoughtful, heartfelt, sincere apology that includes encouragement of others who seek personal relief in the ongoing process of healing.

2. Every American needs to know that healing from past emotional trauma is possible.

3. The article I wrote when I learned about the ACE Study is at this link: The full story of how the ACE Study came into play was written by James Encinas, a proponent of trauma informed approaches to healing methods. I encourage you to visit his website:

Please know that I seek nothing other than to be a proponent of self-healing, self-responsibility, compassion, kind witness, greater perspective, increased gratitude in the hearts of all sentient beings, and improving the quota of love energy all around the home we share, this planet Earth.



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