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This endeavor, in 2020, is both counter and intuitive.

Image of IN THE LIMELIGHT cover captured by the author’s phonecam.

Dear Readers,

Magazines. What do they mean to you now, in contrast to what they meant to you at some point in the past? This question is meant to address all generations of readers. Perhaps you remember how they used to arrive by mail. Perhaps all you know of ‘zine is via internet. Whatever.

The noun “magazine” has been in use since the 1580s (according to and it means “warehouse” or “storehouse.”

The verb “edit” has been in use since 1791 (for more information, see

My friend Clarissa Burt has a very interesting life history. When we met a few years ago, I had no idea what the future would hold for us in terms of how we’ve worked together. With chef Rita Romano, she co-authored Italian Gluten Free Gastronomy: The Art of Selecting, Preparing and Savoring Gluten Free Meals. After this self-published cookbook was translated into Italian, it is being sold through pharmacies in Italy (because that is where people with gluten intolerance go to purchase the appropriate ingredients for meal preparation). She has worked as a model, an actress, and as an entrepreneur. At present, she is creating a media company, and In the Limelight magazine is the publication branch.

I’m the editor.

Thank you for reading this far. Would you be so kind as to leave a comment about your perspective on magazines in 2020? Thank you.





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Mary L. Holden

Mary L. Holden

A constantly evaporating editor and writer. Believer in medium since 2013 when they made me wait for an invitation….