Thank you, shoulders…

…and world.

Image of shoulders holding is by AnabelBugarin from Pixabay, so join me in gratitude for its use here.

As a person who plays at seeing poetry in everything, sometimes I just have to give it over to the poetry of practicality, assess the chaos, figure out some small channel where the flow is in my control, and listen to music while generating intent to make everything easy and able to be filled with grace.

This morning, it wasn’t the world, it was my own reality resting hard on my shoulders. And then I opened an email from The Dip, saw these musicians’ faces…and like a promise fulfilled, my day lightened up and things felt better. Of course, I am not going to be able to get all done that I want done today, but music is today’s choice of medication. And the side effects are so much kinder than those two doses of Moderna.

Please allow me to share some joy and appreciation:

Thank you for reading/listening.



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