Mary L. Holden
2 min readNov 27, 2021

Let us now focus the lenses of our lifecameras….

A flash of thanks to and a shoutout to Ty Feague. Thank you!

Something new is
happening. Do
you feel and see?
It’s about light

and life and friends
and dreams and truth
and this, by Ruth:

She writes of light
and healing — teeth!
And there’s much more
in ‘what’s beneath?’

The old flashbulb
has returned to
say, “Remember!”
Light has everything to do with it.

NOTE: Long friendship is a miracle in itself. Since the late 1960s, Ruth has been my friend in several iterations…the girls’ summer softball team, the P.E. class freshman year of high school, the crossings of paths in college and early jobs, the silent years of marriages and childrearings, and then the reconnection via a sister in (of all places) the business office of a church-related preschool, and a meeting up again on a certain Christmas Eve. What Ruth does, and is able to do, is extraordinary. And…I would like all my friends to pay attention to her message about what light does. Her post here on medium titled, “What’s Light Got To Do With It” is more than just a lovely play on the song by Terry Britten and Graham Lyle, “What’s Love Got to Do with It?” sung so well by Tina Turner. But for fun, let’s mix a little light with that love:

Sing along, and replace “love” with “light” or “heart” with “life” and see if anything (besides the words) moves into a change for you.



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