House Call

Mary L. Holden
1 min readJul 14

…it happened in 2023.

Show your supplements.

Care and Medi
I am ready
to show my age
and health engage.

Medical Industrial Complex. Americans are players; perhaps this game is played by humans all over the world. But…it might be changing for the better.

Hypochondri —
act and action.
Medic witness —

This week, I was given the opportunity to experience a house call by a medical doctor, and to be compensated for agreeing to have the visit. Thank you, Medicare Advantage Plan. (“Advantage” is the key word. I want everyone to be similarly advantaged.)

Pills and tonics
in harmonics
lead the way to
good colonics.

To thank him, I baked a loaf of bread for a parting gift. It was still warm from the oven when he arrived to take some vitals and to explain that the house calls he performs “really are social work.” When I offered the bread, he said, “We are not allowed to take bribes.” Then we laughed. A day later, he sent a note of thanks and reported that his dog even enjoyed the crumbs.

Will I lose my
and finally get
an -oscopy?

Probably. The signs are there. I already lost my ability to rhyme.

Mary L. Holden

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