HELLth and the ACA

Clouds over U.S.

HELLth. Another word for sICKness, another word for insYOUAREance.

If I were The Queen Of The World, I would put a chip in every human to make them feel responsible for self in the same measure that they feel responsible for others who compose their reality. Then I would issue each baby a scroll that would be theirs to keep from birth to death, and I would wave my magic wand over each young child (when they were in the witness of another person) to enable their ability to read and comprehend. Everyone’s Birthright Scroll would contain the same language, in every language spoken, written or understood, and it would be this:

Welcome to Earth. It is your mission to appreciate who you are becoming, the lessons you are learning, the gifts you are giving, the creations you are creating and to be appreciated by those who witness you. It is necessary that you understand the activity of your heart, your emotions, your thoughts and your physicality and how they interrelate. While love is a wonderful emotion, feeling and reality, it is your mission to learn what it means to be free: to use money as a grace and an exchange, to understand the difference between want and need and to create your own beneficial reality so that yours contributes to the mass consciousness of all humanity. The duality that must exist on Earth is yours to explore, appreciate and expand in ways that make all things true, good and beautiful.

If you read this, I am sending you a particle of love, and donating a particle of love to the idea that all of this can be resolved through perception, witness, love and freedom to act on behalf of everyone’s and every thing’s best and highest good.