Mary L. Holden
2 min readSep 14, 2023

…because Fediverse*, and what would Earth be without poetry?

Gerwin Sturm, Vienna, Austria — There’s a hole in my shadow, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=89245650

All this social
media is
twisting brains and
popping quizes.

The Fediverse
thinks it’s uni-
when in fact
it’s so cartoony!

You think you must
be grateful and

They’re always here:
these gives and takes
this fake light’s realm
no one forsakes.

*NOTE: The Fediverse is a proper noun, a new place (like the internet used to be in its early days), at least in my book of Things Present In My World Today. What is the Fediverse if it is not yet included in a standard dictionary? The best definition I found of it was here: www.opensource.com/article/23/3/tour-the-fediverse

I believe we are at a point in humanity where the internet and technology (including all the A.I.s — Artificial Intelligence, Abject Imagination, Anti Inclusive, America Incorporated, Awe Inspiring, Appreciative Inquiry, Alien Invasion, Artificial Insemination, Anti Inflammatory, Analog Input, Aortic Insufficiency, Animal Instinct, Algebraically Independent, and more at www.abbreviations.com/serp.php?st=AI&p=99999) have everyone in the palms of their titanium hands. Do you feel it, too?

What will save us? I think some of the answers are: words, poetry, meditation, imagination, art, creativity, and even science. Praise be to the neurons we use to create our realities!

But poetry! What would a world without poetry be like? Nicolaso Orr had this thought in 2014 and did something about it: www.prezi.com/e0enlpnoeklc/a-world-without-poetry/

P.S. The auction raised over $150,000, so it was successful. Thanks to all who read this article.



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