Boundary, Membrane

Mary L. Holden
2 min readApr 24, 2024

This is for women who need more “me” in their meme, and in their “brain.”

By Michele Ongis — Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Establishment of boundaries
by women brings
and profound unease.

They believe bricks
must build their walls —
but often what they use
are aerosols.

It takes more than spray
to ward off irritants;
and more than rosé
to calm from irritants.

Ladies, focus on your“me”
and use your “brain”
to stay out of
the public’s domain.

Poet’s Noet: Boundaries imposed on women by laws and societal norms over the centuries are now legendary. Bricks and mortar bound them in ways that are clear to see. Now that they are empowered to break out of those walls, they need to create their own boundaries. But how? They’ve only known the bricks-and-mortar kind that have been used on them. It is time to create individual boundaries in ways women can learn as they go about their lives, but bricks and mortar probably aren’t the right materials.

Think about the membrane that is a condom. In theory, and in practicality, it prevents a certain consequence while still allowing experience. It isn’t quite opaque enough to disallow light.

Build your boundaries, dear females, against the things that require them. Build them for your own good, your truth, your beauty, and your own peace of mind. But build them with enough transparency to allow for integrity and the benevolence of light, wisdom, self-assurance, and personal peace.



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