Body of States

Map of U.S.
from our childhoods
wooden pieces
all understoods.

Changing changes!
Whom to follow?
Old leadership
has gone hollow.

Is Hawai’i
soul of nation?
And Florida?
“His” location?

Coming apart:
this puzzled plight.
Congress, Biden:
please US unite.

NOTE: So…it was just fun to create and see the United States as a human body. (But I think that the state of Hawai’i is indeed the soul of this nation.) Wooden, yes, but oh…those molecules and their atomic structures! Even if you don’t want to, you have a part in working this puzzle now. Thank you, readers. And a special thanks to Ruth Evelyn for the inspiration to ‘play’ with this toy, this symbol, and all my emotions.



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Mary L. Holden

Mary L. Holden

A constantly evaporating editor and writer. Believer in medium since 2013 when they made me wait for an invitation….