All Those “Hail Mary”s

…just to ask, “What is prayer?”

Mother Mary, please join me in gratitude for this free image by Jo-B from Pixabay.

Hot breath whispered
urgent prayer
to the Mother
of everywhere.

Believe believed
‘cause history
preserved and taught
her mystery.

Full of grace and
Lord and women
Mother of God
sing her hymn in

Church at vespers…
or don’t bother.
Just assume with
an “Our Father.”

NOTE: What is prayer?

In prayer it is better to have
a heart without words
than words without a heart.

Mahatma Gandhi

Forgive me, Gandhi, I’ve come to believe prayer is like a little glass marble of energy…and fat. The larger marble of energy and gristle is in the “Our Father.” Where’s the protein, the true carrier of energy that needs a target to receive and process it?

American football’s glossary contains a definition of the phrase “Hail Mary Pass,” and it is an action taken by the quarterback to throw the ball long and straight when in desperation, when there is almost no chance of another player being able to catch it.

So, what happened when I prayed all those “Hail Mary” prayers? I don’t know where they went…maybe it doesn’t matter. In an effort to be wise and pray smarter, I create energy marbles using grains of words, fired by intention, and send them into a mysterious, gaseous cloud of belief in something…and beyond…to be caught or not by some set of unseen universal energy.