Mary L. Holden
Jul 19, 2022


…about what’s new

I do not know where this image came from and I do not know how to attribute it. This blog is not monetized. Please do not sue me. If it is wrong, I’ll replace it with this one…which I took with the camera in my telephone.
A wake. This ferry was on its way to the dock where a bus was to be boarded. Nantucket. Seriously.

This place for words
from genies: us
has transferred ship
and boarded bus.

No water — wheels
we’re now on land!
No ink — just light
to meet demand.

Thoughtwords matter
poetry, prose
in this key space
of ratios.

Leaders, readers,
followers be
of this new Tone:

NOTE: It was not lost on me that “Stubblebine” rhymes with “asinine” but that is just not a nice thing for poetry. Ev Williams rhymes with squirrel in some universes…and that’s just a fact. To both of them, leaders and lovers of words and writers, I say thanks with all my heart!



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