What’s in the cards, ACEs, soap, and healings, healings, healings, healings. (Photo by Mary Holden)

Trauma. You’ve experienced it at points in your life, but if you experienced Adverse Childhood Experiences, you’ve got an ACE score.

The ACE study, pioneered by Vincent J. Felitti, M.D., and Robert Anda, M.D. is valid science. These doctors proved the direct relationship between trauma experienced in childhood and adult health.

Pandemics, and panic purchasing, are causing stress-related traumas for everyone right now:

These new stresses/traumas can pick at the still-fresh scabs of former traumas — hurts that never rose up into a process of healing.

NO! I don’t want this to happen to anyone!

This is the header for the ACEs Connection website. It is worth a visit.

My friend Jane Stevens is the founder of the ACEs Connection, a virtual community of people who support the science of the ACE Study. She posted this article there today: www.acesconnection.com/blog/how-s-the-acesconnection-community-handling-covid-19 and wrote:

“We will truly be tested, we in the ACEs movement, to walk the talk when people become depressed and angry, and to help each other figure out creative ways to make it through to the other side of the pandemic with our families, our communities, our humor, and our good natures no doubt bruised, but intact and healing.”

So, as we navigate this crisis, we must be creative, sensible, efficient, kind, compassionate, and sensitive. We must be self-protective as we protect others. In the process, I believe we will get to know ourselves better than ever before — to know what matters most in life; to tap into the essence of our personalities, our spirits; and, to let ourselves feel the energy contained within the soul (the soul, in my view, is a profound, unknowable, gift — a tiny bit of essence, a particle of Creation Energy). You know — that thing — the thing that just cannot be damaged in any way by pain or virus or harm or bankruptcy because it is a little piece of whatever is truly whole, complete, unconditional, and, love.

Dear Readers,

Thank you for being with me at this time in history. I’ve embedded these words with my own brand of love, so let its energy spiral its way into your eyes and brain…a bit of cure for any trauma you may have ever suffered.

In friendship, and with love,


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