A Book Shows Up

Mary L. Holden
1 min readApr 5, 2024

and creates a little poem.

A butterfly in Smiljan, 2018. Photo by the author.

Chronicles in
children’s books give
elder beings
few tenterhooks.

Exposed magic
lost on a child
comes back to play
when years go wild.

Why was this writ?
Who to inspire?
A book showed up
in time of mire!

A broken pipe
serious wrench
a call for help
a surprise quench.

NOTE: This cryptic poem is just a placeholder for a magic moment experienced during a tough time in adulthood. As a child, I thoroughly believed in every magic moment offered to me as I read books. But…when a plumber showed up and offered me the book he’d written, and then fixed a serious issue with a pipe, I started to believe in magic again. As I wrote this and searched for an appropriate photo, the one I pulled out of the file just happened to be the one of the butterfly that followed me around in a way that was “statistically impossible” at the birthplace of Nicola Tesla.

Thank you for reading…may you too find a way to keep believing in magic.



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