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…about your voice?

Voice spectrogram of a woman saying, “It’s all Greek to me.” Wikimedia Commons: Dvortygirl, Mysid…

Take the small and
make it larger.
Use some ink…
charge your charger.

Call out ones who
make decisions
on the laws and
plan revisions.

Sign petitions.
Wave some banners.
Yet be polite…
have good manners.

Your VOICE is your
to create new

NOTE: The…



…for Judy and Wendy*

By Mizu basyo — Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Spaces made by
healths and cancers
contain odd truths —
complex answers.

Between aspects
of titrations
play solutions
and causations.

Attention to
what they dissect
must come apart
to reconnect.

purports measure
in what is left
of life’s treasure.

*This poem is for two of…



…even sleep doesn’t help

Thanks for the beginning of the… to geralt and for the use of this…

A stanza or
a paragraph?
Squeeze word lemons
to drink and laugh.

Champion the
atomic art:
small poetry
to finish start.

Those twists of breath —
sounds in a herd.
Some make good sense
yet sing absurd.

Beyond short poems
are manuscripts
that work me to



…in room 56 of the Quail Hollow building in a certain neck of the desert.

Photo by poet. Landscape and weather by God.

Rulers measure
Years calibrate
love’s repeaters.

It was then, on
life’s agenda
to be there — at

Birthday candles
signified it
whether glowing
or cold, unlit.

My tree of life
now grows new branch



How did The Dip get the upbeat SO right? They DIP!

Thanks to Muscat_Coach and for this image.

Here is a gift
a brand new song
if you’ve lost
a love…OK

Music Saves!

NOTE: This is one of my all-time favorite groups. May you enjoy their talent, too. And I still have issues with the uploading…



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