Dear Northern Hemispherians: Happy Summer!

This cool photo was produced by Luis Morera’s camera and given to us through Unsplash.

Global warming —
it cools your heels
but lets you know
how boiling feels.

On this Earth — and
in galaxy —
skins are shedding
with gravity.

All people need
as substitute

Heat is heating
consciousness new.
Doff your sweater,
eschew the stew.

NOTE: How hot? How moist? These are the questions that supplanted the usual “to be or not to be?” kinds of questions I usually ask. The inspiration for this poem was a loss of electric power due to the fury of a monsoon storm that kicked a local power pole to its knees. Oh, my…

There are two kinds of canopy in summer: sky + tree….go meet them!

I loved this image Image by Siggy Nowak from Pixabay…hope you do, too.

Imagine how
trees acknowledge
our ignorance
of hydraulics

that pumps water
into their leaves
via cycle
of gives-receives.

Trees — they bless with
motion and shade
humans with an
imbalanced trade.

Do you ignore?
Are you not free?
What do you give
your nearby tree?

NOTE: This poem was brought to you by the way in which I was enchanted after reading this article about AI and quantum physics: Although AI may not exactly be involved with humans and trees, I think it’s possible that all trees everywhere are “entangled.”

…and he knows why!

“What did I do now?” This portrait of O. Wilde is in the public domain.

There’s a poet
who loves to play
in words double
and entendre.

Take good care to
leave a comment —
wait to read how
a bomb off went!

Of socks and pants
and bosoms, fool!
He finds the words
that overrule.

No. His name I
will not mention
for he is in
strict detention!

And now, a musical interlude that puts the “de” in a lot of words other than detention:

We’ve been cleaned up, thank you, ma’am!

Image of green envelope holding airspam by Marco Livolsi from Pixabay

Spiteful scoundrels
was it fun? Now
Ev’s got you on
the run. See you

later on the
slippery slopes
where your antics
fill envelopes.

You’ve pumped numbers!
We saw them fall
like levels of

Do you like them
green fakes and spam?
Or is your diet
just false fat scam?

Humor, Food, Search Engine, Time Travel

Public domain, at least according to Wikimedia Commons.

Barney Google
and Snuffy Smith
old time comics
without much pith.

What a hundred
years ago brought
silly laughter
now finds what’s sought.

Note in title:
a valued tool
that serves the scoop
to sage and fool.

Barney ate his
noodle kugel —
never did a
search on Google.

And now, time travel, and an opportunity to put some life into old Barney via music courtesy of Google:

…isms and health

Image (of imaging machine!!!) by Michal Jarmoluk courtesy of Pixabay.

Hurting is a
that requires

…entering the
heart is filled with

Depending upon
mesmerism —

…to listen as
reveals truths of

Listening to the magnetism was very interesting to me. I now invite you to listen to something else: Billy Porter singing “Feel It to Heal It” on YouTube.

Image by VintageBlue from Pixabay.

Mine eyes behold
the glory of
the printing of
the word. They have

read in many
pages how the
pulp of trees is
stored. Ink has loosed

a quiet light
and an S to
make a sword
so truth can write

its song. Glory
glory halle
luja glory
glory halle…


this poem cannot
itself contain.
Day weekend.

Books. Soldiers. Wars.
Strange gratitude.
It’s readering
that births answers.

Cuts for Current Culture

Image created by the talented Alexei Chizhov posting on that great platform, Pixabay.

What should be cut
from daily lives?
Things that hammer
evil designs.

Halt the abuse!
Conclude sinning.
Cut the misdeeds.
Bar news spinning.

It takes labor
plus intention
to enable

What good method
will ease such strife?
A curved sickle?
A butcher’s knife?

QUESTION: What is the equivalent of a tool that cuts through emotional weapons of mass conscious destruction?

NOTE: This post is a reason to embed a song I’ve been listening to lately. Mayer Hawthorne’s talent is in updating the Motown sound…and even when the lyrics are about “ills,” the sound and vibration are “heals.” At least to me they are. “Enjoy.”

Act on command, live on demand!

Levi Meir Clancy took this photo and gave it to us for free on Unsplash. Thanks, my friend!

Co com commas
and amanments
de dem demas
mixed-up fragments!

When you focus
on the commands
is what expands.

Put your mind on
the demandments
and walk through life’s
+10+ enchantments.

Co goes with you
as de deletes…
taste the bitters
to exhale sweets. I'm craving a burrito!!!!

Mary Holden

A constantly evaporating editor and writer. Believer in medium since 2013 when they made me wait for an invitation!

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